More Than A Kart

“AM3, the total electric kart”

Born with the same essence as its older brother AM2, but designed and intended to cover a wider audience. Thanks to 3 different positions on the power map (V1, V2, V3) and the easy adjustment of the seat, steering wheel and pedals, it is capable of covering heights from 1.15m to 1.90m. It is a very versatile kart, which allows you to have several karts in one. In addition, thanks to the smaller track width distance, overall dimensions and weight, it is perfect for
indoor tracks.

It has an anti-roll bar, brake light, seat belt and innovative shock absorption systems, so that both young and adult drivers have the safest experience possible.

Equipped with a 51Ah capacity lithium battery, 58V maximum voltage and 10CV of power. And with charging times of between 50% and 100% of its usage time, depending on the power map chosen.

This is undoubtedly the best tool for professionals.

AM3 – Technical Data Sheet

ADVEO fotos datos tecnics AM3-01


  • Lenght: 1950 mm
  • Width: 1300 mm
  • Height: 600 mm
  • Height with roll bar: 970 mm
  • Weight: 155 Kgrs
  • Rear Axle: D50 mm x 2 mm HARD
  • Brake: Hydraulic with 4 pistons
  • Diameter of tube: 32 x 2 mm & 32 x 2 mm Cr-Mo
  • Anti Gas-brake system: YES
  • Adjustable Pedals: YES

Main data


  • Max Speed: 60-79 km/h depending on gear ratio.
  • Power: 7,5kW(10CV)

Battery pack


  • Capacity: 2,6 kW.h (51Ah).
  • Max. Voltage: 58V
  • Max Current: 150 amp (BMS limited)
  • Life: Up to 10.000 cycles
  • Cooling: Forced ventilation
  • Safety:Fuse, charging contactor, discharging contactor.
  • BMS includes: Under-over voltage protection, over-current
    protection, over temperature protection, balancing and other functionalities



100% ELECTRIC PROPULSION SYSTEM Created and developed jointly by the companies Playanddrive and ADVEO, it is derived from electric competition vehicles. It is a propulsion kit that takes a huge technological leap, allowing new speeds and loading times to date.



  • Power: 14CV
  • Max Speed: 4500 rpm
  • Max torque: 80 N.M
  • IP grade: IP65

Chasis structure 


  • Chassis tubes cut with laser technology and bent with CNC machines with a new Light and ultra-resistant Cr-Mo alloy.



  • Option 1: monophase 3kW (60A)
  • Option 2: triphase 4,5kW (90A)

New adjustable system


  • Adjustable steering wheel (65mm)
  • Adjustable pedals (100mm)
  • Adjustable seat (180mm)

Image gallery 

AM3 ADVEO lateral 4